Is ProductDyno Worth It?

There are TWO ESSENTIAL considerations on selling your skill on the digital platform. The tool should be able to SECURE your CONTENT and enables MANAGING SERVICES in ONE place

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ProductDyno’s most important feature is its dual-layer security, which safeguards your data. Customers are required to log in and download many times to use this functionality.

ProductDyno is only accessible to people who have bought it, and no one else may use it. So, if you’re worried about security, you shouldn’t be concerned about blackhat sites exchanging connections.

In addition, there are three other methods you may use to safeguard your online account:

  • Use ProductDyno’s hosting service to keep your material safe from hackers.
  • Secure your content on your domain
  • Your Amazon S3 account is a safe place to save your data.


ProductDyno provides an easy-to-use dashboard named “Dashboard” to assist merchants in managing all of their services.

Instead of logging in and out of many accounts, the Dashboard consolidates all of the services you need, such as Auto Responders and Payment Integrations, into one place.

As soon as your Dashboard is linked, you’ll be able to utilize it with any of your goods with a single mouse click.

In addition to expiring download links and client logins, ProductDyno has a dual-layer security system. Your delivery pages are safe from hackers, and you don’t have to worry about thieves and pirates distributing them.

ProductDyno features a licensing function for software (SaaS) to add a degree of protection. You have complete control over the number of licenses each product receives. ProductDyno removes a customer’s ability to use the app if they want a refund.

This is a simple schematic diagram of the basics that ProductDyno can offer.


A quick look reveals that ProductDyno offers several advantages. If you are interested in or preparing to sell your products online, such as digital content, software checks, or service checks, then have a look at some of the fantastic features that are available to you here:

  1. Unlimited Clients
    • You can sell anywhere from 100 to 1000 different things directly from your account. It is totally up to you to decide. There are no limits placed on the total number of purchasers that may be associated with your account at any time.Unlimited Downloads
  2. Unlimited Products
    • You can sell anywhere from 100 to 1000 different things directly from your account. It is totally up to you to decide. There are no limits placed on the total number of purchasers that may be associated with your account at any time.
  3. Unlimited Products
    • At checkout, you will be given the option to choose the unlimited account plan. If you do so, you will be able to safeguard all of your existing and future items inside a single, compelling location known as “Dashboard.”
  4. Amazing Integrations
    • ProductDyno enables smooth connections to payment systems, autoresponder/mail services, as well as webhooks and Zapier Integrations. ProductDyno’s amazing integrations include these features.
  5. Future Proof Development
    • ProductDyno is devoted to continuous platform development and upgrades in order to ensure the long-term scalability and value of its consumers.
  6. User Management
    • You can monitor your orders, customers, content, downloads, and a great deal more with the help of ProductDyno, which offers a streamlined and time-saving interface.
    • Because its User Management is so good, it puts everything you need to run your company efficiently right at your fingertips. As a result, you can always be on top of things.
  7. Fully Automated System
    • Once established, your system for managing customers and product deliveries is ready to use. The ProductDyno is completely automated, which means you can spend your time focusing on other aspects of your company.
  8. Delivers Access Email
    • Your customers will no longer need to fill out time-consuming forms. After the successful completion of their transaction, they will immediately be sent their login credentials.
  9. Revoke Product Access
    • In ProductDyno, you can discourage serial refunders and stop digital pirates from using your software if you make it possible to obtain your items with only the click of a mouse button.

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Featured review

All of these features seem too good to be true but check out my personal experience how ProductDyno saved my business — saved my life!

(A Friendly Warning to YOU)

Read this ENTIRE Thing Carefully.

It will save you a LOT of heartache…

I’ll never forget it.It Was December 2018…

Launches are already difficult and stressful.  Even when things are going great, they can be

But when Murhpy’s Law comes into play… and things go badly.  Oh boy… buckle up.

This launch, in December 2018, was destined to be our biggest ever.  I was rolling out the most elegant, premium quality PLR anyone
had ever created.  I had a TON of big affiliates on-board.  It was going to be HUGE.It was early morning, and the flood gates were about to open. Huge amounts of traffic were about to start rolling in.

And that’s when I realized what happened…Our entire members area had melted down.

I still don’t know if it was because of a WP update… or an update to DAP (Digital Access Pass) the membership plugin we were using… or what…  But the entire members area software had pooped its pants and stopped working.Understand this: Minutes before hundreds of people were about to start hitting the buy button…  the thing that allows buyers to get access to their purchases… had died.

See Why That’s Kind of a Big Deal?Now DAP, our membership plugin, had always sucked anyway.  Even when it was working it was terrible and made life hard for me, my virtual assistants, and my customers (some of you remmeber the old DAP days here in Warlord Nation).And that’s sadly the case with pretty much ALL WordPress Membership Plugins.

They ALL suck!But on this day… it had completely died and there was NO way to deliver products to the thousands of people who were about to start

I was about to pull my hair out.As usual before a launch, I had pulled an all-nighter getting things ready.  Low on sleep, low on morale, low on ideas, I was at the end of my rope.What the hell was I going to do?As I tried to fix this crappy plugin… the sales started coming in.  Excited buyers were purchasing and NOT getting access.  I had my BRAND NEW Virtual Assistant, Katherine, start reaching out to each confused and (rightfully) angry customer and explain the situation.  (This was a whole ‘nother issue, we had just lost our main VA a week prior and poor Katherine was BRAND new and had to dive into this crisis on her first week!)

A couple hours into it, I STILL had no solution.

Buyers were getting frustrated.That’s when I made the decision…

Simon and Jeremy, whom I had worked closely with for over two years, had often mentioned ProductDyno to me.  Always gently suggesting
I try it out.“Yeah right,” I would always say to myself, “the last thing I need is to mess with another membership plugin”.But now… there were no choices left.

The old “WordPress Plugin Page Protect Membership Script” concept had failed me 100%, as it often does.

And I had NO CHOICE but to try something different.I grabbed ProductDyno, chugged another energy drink, and I started watching the tutorials – trying to focus as much as my brain would on almost zero sleep over the past 48 hours.

I started going through the process of creating the new product listings inside the members area and…I was blown away.   It was… So.Damned.Easy.Weird.  Membership platforms aren’t supposed to be this easy.Linking each of my JVZoo products to a product in ProductDyno too like 60 seconds.

Fleshing out the membership pages and thumbnail images for each product took maybe 2-3

Setting up the automated welcome/login details messages took like 60 seconds.Linking all the upsells and downsells together so that everyone had just ONE login to access everything they purchased ended up being SUPER easy – couple clicks of the mouse.Customizing which unpurchased products people could and couldn’t see thumbnails for… took like 5 seconds!No WordPress nonsense.  No complex settings.  No “protect this url, don’t protect that url” nonsense.  No backend “theme” options crap.  No WordPress “web designing” each product page.NONE of that usual crap that you deal with when using a WordPress Membership Plugin.

I was absolutely blown away.By the time I was done with everything, we were already a few hours into the launch and had probably a hundred or so
angry customers.

All NEW incoming customers would now be sent into the new awesome members area and given perfect access to their purchases.

So now came the next test…

How to get the angry EXISTING customers over to this new members area.

THAT is what I was especially worried about.And it turned out to be incredibly easy.I had a pow-wow with Katherine and she proceeded to add each buyer individually using the purchase data from JVZoo.

She simply added each person as a “new member” in the dashboard, and clicked a checkbox next to every product they had purchased in the funnel, based on the JVZoo receipt data.  And then followed up with a HUGE apology message from me, which she sent to them along with their new login details.

It was like magic…

Within an hour or so, one of the biggest crises I’d faced in my business had been resolved with almost ZERO negative impact.  Most of the customers weren’t even angry – they sent in emails praising Katherine for being so nice and communicating with them through the whole thing.  And they all LOVED the new members area (the repeat buyers who had experienced DAP previously, were of course VERY happy with the change).

After that, we migrated EVERYTHING over to ProductDyno and I threw that STUPID WordPress Membership plugin in the garbage where it belongs.

For the year and a half since then, life has been SO much better.  EVERYTHING has improved.  Creating new products and configuring them in ProductDyno is a breeze and I actually LIKE doing it (whereas in the past I had anxiety every time because I knew I’d have to mess with WP and that stupid plugin and the pages and the designing and the settings and – ugh!).

It’s WAY easier for Katherine to resolve membership issues.It’s WAY more enjoyable for our customers.I don’t have to worry about the next WP update or plugin update screwing things up.

You get the idea.This incredible, easy to use platform genuinely SAVED my business during that launch and it has changed EVERYTHING for me and my business.

So.  You have a chance to START on the right foot here.

You don’t need to struggle with all the WordPress and Plugin nonsense.You don’t need to have an anxiety attack every time you think about setting up your members areas or adding new products.You can skip all that drama and start off with the PERFECT Members Area right out the

Please don’t go through what I went through for 2 years.