ProductDyno Tips and Hints (Q&A Part 2)

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It’s always best to have a level of knowledge on something that will be crucial to you future business. To learn more about productdyno, here’s another question and answer blog about the product. If you missed the first blog, just check it here!

Question 1:

My Collection has a free product that I want to make available, but I don’t want it to be visible to anybody unless they have registered for it directly. I don’t want to utilise the Bonus option since I may run a new funnel every few months to drive traffic to the Collection. In order to offer access without either purchasing the product or merely signing up for the collection, what is the best approach to do so?

Answer 1:

Use a third party payment platform like Paddle, Paykickstart, or Thrivecart and give a 100% discount or free alternative for customers to purchase your product. This way, when a customer purchases the item, he or she will be able to view the item in its entirety. You may conceal a product from consumers who haven’t purchased it by selecting “Hide from non-buyer” in your Collection > Products menu.

Question 2:

I’ve put up a selection of numerous goods. There is an upsell and a downsell on the front end, but the back end is free. The front end is free, but how can I make it available to my customers?

Answer 2:

To make a product “free,” you must choose it as a “Bonus” item in a collection. Having a ‘Product’ that is free will not work.

Question 3:

Only one collection is now available to me. An advanced paid course is available to members through a payment portal. Through a series of basic seminars I want to direct people to that repository. ADVANCED users should not see any Free or Intro stuff when they check in, so as not to confuse them. As a matter of fact, I do want to provide some advanced stuff for sale, as I have other products that are of interest to my advanced customers.

Answer 3:

You should sell the Introductory courses using your payment channel – for the free ones, provide a 100% discount or free option. You may utilise the “Conceal from non-buyer” option in your Collection > Products to hide the Introductory/Free courses from consumers who have not purchased them. As a result, the introductory courses will be hidden from your Advanced members. If you want all members to be able to view a product, uncheck the “Hide from non-buyer” option. A “CONTENT SECTION” may be added to your advanced items so that only members who have completed a certain course can access them (name it something like “Next Steps”, or whatever) Add your additional products for sale to these members in this part, and include a link to your sales or promotion page in the body text of the post there.

Question 4:

Get and post methods may be used to activate and check licences, respectively. Many questions remain unanswered for me, though. How often should I run activation? What can I do to prevent users from using the same key on many machines? When and how to utilise the activation is something I’m not sure about.

Answer 4:

Take a look at this ProductDyno License API Example for an illustration of the concept. A CRON Job, for example, may regularly verify that the licence is still valid without requiring you to perform activation each time.

In order to distinguish one machine from another when activating a licence, the vendor must provide a special “GUID” with the licence. To avoid confusion, ProductDyno will produce an error if the user attempts to use a previously active key on a different machine in the future.

Question 5:

A single IPN suffices for a single transaction? How can I utilise PayPal IPN for all of my items at ProductDyno?

Answer 5:

IPNs are automatically added by ProductDyno. Without an IPN defined in PayPal, everything will operate without a hitch. There is a first step in this process that you must complete. ProductDyno’s webhook URL may be obtained from PayPal and entered into PayPal. Ensure that IPN is turned on.

Question 6:

Individual product consumers are added to the list when the autoresponder integration is set to “product level” in a collection.

Answer 6:

Customers are automatically included in any autoresponder you provide in your product. Adding a client to a collection with an integrated autoresponder is as simple as adding the product (which has an integrated autoresponder)

Question 7:

Is it possible to block access to a free product after a certain period of time?

Answer 7:

A free trial for the product, which automatically leads to a payment for it or a subscription, would be done through the payment processor. It is possible for a consumer to cancel their subscription before the free trial time is up and lose access to the service.

Question 8:

How can I connect my cPanel to my website?

Answer 8:

FTP and custom SMTP settings for sending emails using your SMTP settings are available via the cPanel integration in our system. You can’t link your cPanel login and password in ProductDyno using this feature.

Check out our FEATURED REVIEW to have an idea how impactful Productdyno would be in your business

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